Richard North, 19/01/2005  

From The Times today, in the "People with Andrew Pierce" section:

The Tory peer Tristan Garel-Jones, who was John Major’s Deputy Chief Whip, still ventures into the MPs’ dining rooms to stir up trouble on the euro.

His latest declaration: "When we win the referendum on the constitution, leading Tory Eurosceptics will be rounded up, tried and shot for their disloyalty to the European Union."
High on Lord Garel-Jones’s hitlist are the Thatcherite Eric Forth, Owen Paterson, who was Iain Duncan Smith’s bag carrier, and John Redwood, high priest of Euroscepticism.

Garel-Jones would exclude fellow Eurosceptics David Heathcoat-Amory and Lord Cranborne. They would be allowed to board a plane to a safe country outside the Union... because they're "toffs".

Hilarious, isn't he?

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