Richard North, 20/01/2005  

The bag lady is at it again.

She tells us: "It is six o'clock in the morning. It is also dark, wet and cold. The only living creatures we can see are a fox, two cats and the newspaperman. Me and my husband are out for a regular 45-minutes walk or slow jog."

ME AND MY HUSBAND… ???? Queenie would have a blue fit. "My husband and I..", please – but then, what do you expect from a bag lady?

Nevertheless, plough on dear reader, plough on…

This is the only time I can find for exercising although I am sometimes (often!) dead tired and wonder if we are insane to do such a thing (Not to mention that my husband feels embarrassed over my ski-poles that I use because its good for the neck and shoulders and you use more energy when walking with those.)
Mr Wallström... We know exactly how you feel.

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