Richard North, 12/02/2005  

There has some considerable amusement in Eurosceptic circles – and I dare say others – at the news that the EU Constitution is to be sent into space - carried by cosmonauts to the International Space Station. We are told that a gold-bound copy of the document will go into orbit with a Russian rocket taking off from Kazakhstan in April.

We are not sure whether that is "gold-bound" or "gold plated", but perhaps the latter only applied to the British version. But this has not stopped UKIP's director of communications, Mark Croucher, from enjoying the news hugely.

He has told the BBC that he is "completely in agreement with the European Commission that the far reaches of outer space are the best place for the European constitution," rather predictably adding, "I only wish there was more space on the craft that will take them into orbit, so all the copies could go."

However, this option will not meet with the approval of former environment commissioner Margot Wallström, now the EU’s communication commissioner. In her Blog recently, she registered her concern that some countries were seriously considering sending waste to outer space – unable to cope with the amount. Recycling, she thought, might not be such a bad idea.

Well, there's your chance Margot. Get recycling.

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