Richard North, 18/02/2005  

Congratulations to England expects for a superb "spot".

It notes an "honest admission" from France about the effects of passing the European Constitution”, recording that Noel Mamère, a leading French Green politician and "yes" campaigner, was speaking on Radio France’s main morning news bulletin on Monday. He was heard to say:

The good thing about the European Constitution is that with it the United Kingdom will not be able to support the United States in a future Iraq.
This is, of course, only part of the picture, and the EU is by no means reliant on the constitution to achieve this end. As we have warned many times on this Blog, and especially in this posting the rush to defence integration is partly aimed at preventing UK armed forces from acting either independently or alongside the US, effectively neutralising the UK's practical support for the US.

Mamère's comments, therefore, should be taken as a wake-up call, except that one wonders what it will take to shake up our political leaders from what seems more like a coma than sleep.

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