Richard North, 21/05/2005  

Following on from yesterday’s posting on the Sally B, the story about how Britain's last airworthy Flying Fortress has been grounded by an EU regulation is also covered in today's Telegraph.

Although there has been vigorous campaigning to get Sally B exempted from this absurd regulation, the Telegraph cites "senior officials from the Department of Transport", who say that "nothing can be done about the rule."

It took effect on 1 May 1, with no exceptions allowed, and applies across the EU. But, continues the Telegraph:

It is also supposed to affect the only other B17 flying in Europe - Pink Lady, operating in France - although a spokesman for the company said the French government had not enforced the rule and Pink Lady was flying as normal. The Sally B, as a civilian aircraft owned and operated by a small group led by the Danish-born Mrs Sallingboe, appears to be unique in suffering so much from the EU rule...
Now doesn't that just about say it all!

What the hell is wrong with us in this country, that we seem prepared to put up with this sort of crap?

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