Richard North, 02/06/2005  

Not content with writing self-pitying, self-justifying nonsense on her blog, the fragrant Commissar has also spoken to EUObserver.

She has welcomed a plan from some NGOs that a European Round Table of Democracy should be established. Who are these NGOs, those self-selecting, unaccountable organizations that present themselves as arbiters of how democracy should be run?

And what did the fragrant but extremely foolish Commissar say?
“I'm prepared for immediate support of such initiatives to develop more participatory democracy in Europe.”
Well, how nice and how generous. The only thing is, we already have participatory democracy in Europe and it has developed over many centuries in some countries and slightly less time in others. It is called parliamentary democracy and consists of elected legislatures and executives that are responsible and accountable to the people who elect them and understand the principles whereby legislation is carried out.

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