Richard North, 08/06/2005  

The great thing about the fragrant Commissar is that she never gives up. When the going gets tough she gets fluffy.

Her latest blog is all about her travelling to Boston to get an honorary doctorate from the University of Massachussetts (for what precisely?), taking a couple of hours out of every working day to brush up her French (how nice – who is paying for that?), complete with cute little comments about the difficulties of French grammar, and even a comment about Jean-Claude Juncker being unable to give up smoking because of his worries about the ungrateful people …. oops, sorry … the Constitution.

And what of her job, that of being Commissar for Truth and Reconciliation? What of her failure to promote the Constitution to the people of Europe? Do we hear anything about that?

Oh a certain amount. She seems unable to accept that people said no for a certain reason: they did not like what was being rammed down their throats. Dear me, no. They were misguided.

“One re-occurring argument in the debate on the Constitution has been the dramatic changes that the EU has undergone lately: the Euro, enlargement… and so many people feeling left behind.

Democracy takes time. And it takes leaders who are willing to actively advocate and defend the decisions taken – also when they have had to make compromises – as well as listen more attentively to citizens concerns.”

I am beginning to feel slightly dizzy here. It was my distinct impression that a number of European countries, if not most of them, have actually achieved democracy, which includes elected leaders who are accountable to the people.

Why exactly is the unelected fragrant Commissar shaking her pretty blonde head sorrowfully about the lack of leaders “who are willing to actively advocate and defend the decisions taken”.

Exactly, what is this democracy that she in her wisdom is going to impose on us? And is she not the one who should have been advocating and defending instead of charging round the world, weeping over rainforests, taking coffee with President Mubarak, accepting degrees in Massachussetts?

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