Richard North, 06/07/2005  

Did you know that the plans for an EU military staff college were well advanced and that "the arrangements for the functioning... have been defined"? Or that "high level courses" are already being held (and will continue) on the European Security and Defence Policy?

Anyone with an inkling of knowledge of military affairs will immediately recognise the vital significance of this, as it is the staff colleges which define the "doctrines" of the armed forces and indoctrinate potential general staff officers. Without passing the courses, middle-rank officers cannot aspire to promotion to the senior ranks.

What this means, therefore, is that EU indoctrination is being built into the heart of the military establishments - including our own - forming a "fifth column" to control and shape military thinking.

All this and much more in a post later today, based on a stunning official document just obtained, which sets out the whole plan for onwards European military integration, amounting to a take-over of our armed forces - from within.

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