Richard North, 18/08/2005  

...and totally OT, but I could not resist drawing attention to the unfortunate juxtaposition of phrasing in today's Telegraph report on the scandalous shooting of Charles Menezes. Says the Telegraph...

No positive identification was made because an officer was "relieving himself" at the time. According to the leaked documents...
Do we now know the source of the leak?

On the more serious issue Helen's posting at the time of the Stockwell shooting raised some important questions.

Given the appalling details which are now emerging, Clarke's little sojourn to see his EU chums in the wake of the first bombing seems even more inappropriate. Our Home Secretary has a stinking mess on his own doorstep and he would be better advised putting his energies to cleaning it up rather than wasting his time in Brussels. Government, like charity, begins at home.


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