Richard North, 01/09/2005  

Dear me, just like old times. There is the fragrant Margot in fluffy bunny mode.

She and her husband apparently painted their old house and discussed whether anybody cared to do hard physical labour any more. Presumably, people who earn their living that way might but I do not suppose the fragrant one meets anyone so inferior.

There is a great deal of chatter about the books she has read, what she thinks of them all and what she thinks of detective stories in general: “mostly totally meaningless and sometimes cruel stories”. W. H. Auden, she ain’t. For one thing he would never use an expression like “me and my husband”. Yes she does. Honest.

Towards the end of the posting she goes into serious mode.

The killing of the Sri Lankan foreign minister, the Portuguese forest fires, floods in Europe, Katrina and the inevitable pious sentiment: we shall see more of this with the “accelerating climate change”.

Does she mean that as a result of the climate change, accelerating or otherwise, we shall see more foreign ministers assassinated? Who knows what goes on in that fluffy little head? After all, she seems not to have noticed that there have been forest fires, floods and hurricanes in the past and what we have seen this year is not the worst ever.

Then there is a mysterious entry about TB returning to Sweden and hitting 60 children in a school. Just one school? Seems rather odd. I wonder if that has anything to do with the accelerating climate change?

Nothing, however, can beat the sheer silliness of her last paragraph:
“Chinese clothes piled up in European ports has naturally been dominating the news reporting lately. The Commission is trying to find a practical way to deal with the problem and to unblock the goods as soon as possible seems like a sensible solution in the interest of European consumers as well.”
Apparently, it all just happened, possibly as a result of the accelerating climate change and the all-wise Commission is trying to sort it out. Has the fragrant Commissar not grasped that it was the Commission that had caused the problem in the first place? Not on its own, of course, but with the help of the Council of Ministers, but this notion, first propagated by Trade Commissar Mandelson that the problem just kind of arose and nobody is at fault, seems to be popular with commissioners if not with retailers or the public.


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