Richard North, 31/10/2005  

As the WTO talks drone on, those loathsome French have been moving into high gear to sabotage any prospect of a realistic global cut in agricultural subsidies. That includes L'Escroc Chirac who, last week, effectively vetoed a deal if it gave more than the French would tolerate.

That has left Peter Mandelson to table a new offer on behalf of the EU (i.e., France) which the head of the WTO is now saying, according to AFX, is “worthy of serious debate”.

This, of course, is Mandelson's predecessor, Director-General Pascal Lamy, the former French EU commission in charge on trade negotiations. It is he, for decades, who has kept an iron grip on trade negotiations and ensured that the interests of his home country have been represented as the EU position.

And now, despite almost universal condemnation of Mandelson's latest offer, M. Lamy is "upbeat". We are truly amazed.


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