Richard North, 05/12/2005  

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), who were the first to gather information about the oil-for-food scam before Claudia Rossett spread the story far and wide, have found an interesting new document.

The Iraqi author Fadhil Rashad has called for the trial of George Galloway MP, on charges of robbing the Iraqi people. Here is a taster of what he said on the Al-Jiran website:
"It is a truism that money can blind one to the truth… I know that George Galloway knows the truth, and that he is well aware of the [crimes] that Saddam perpetrated against his own people and against the neighboring countries. However, he turns a blind eye to them, because he wants to make the whole world turn a blind eye to them and to overlook the oil vouchers that he himself received from Saddam.

I want to say in this article: George Galloway, leader of the Respect party - you defend your friend and benefactor Saddam and you will yet be tried just like your friend and benefactor Saddam. I assure you that the Iraqi people will never turn a blind eye to those who robbed them. You robbed from all of the Iraqis what amounts to approximately 20 million barrels of oil [that you received] in exchange for misleading public opinion concerning the crimes perpetrated by Saddam against his people."
One day justice will be done.


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