Richard North, 22/12/2005  

Something rather odd happened while we were all waiting for the Patent Office to finalize the Draft Statutory Instrument and for the DTI to lay it before Parliament (which they did too late for the regulations to come into force on January 1, as they were supposed to).

One of the Tory members of the London Assembly, Angie Bray, decided earlier this year to use the topic to display her group's credentials as a business-friendly party and write a report for the committee she sits on about the effect the new regulations will have on the London contemporary art market and what can be done about it.

It is unfortunate that whenever the Tories try to gather some kudos on any matter to do with Europe, they find themselves in trouble, the reason being, of course, that they do not want to dig too deeply or come to any sort of conclusions.

The whole fantastical saga is posted on the OneLondon blog.


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Brexit - the first year - New e-book by Richard North
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