Richard North, 03/01/2006  

The main thing which makes blogs different from a newspaper column or even TV or radio broadcast is that it is a conversation between the author and the audience. So the success of Newslog will depend on you letting me know what you think about the news, and indeed about what I've written myself.

So gushes beebie Nick Robinson, he of the Today programme poll on Barroso, writing in his very own blog.

When it comes to comments on his trashing of his own poll, however, in a piece posted at 9.34 am yesterday, our Nick's "fully moderated" site allowed ten posts up to 1.42 pm, the balance in favour of his thesis.

Such was the situation until well after midday today, when one more comment, timed 1.56 pm, appeared, with yesterday’s date, plus one more, dateline today and a timing of 4.56 am. Of comments by this blogger – and others who are not entirely enamoured of the Robinson thesis – not a sign. Even the fragrant Margot does it better.

Clearly, this is our Nick's idea of a "conversation". Perhaps readers would care to pop along to his site and remind him of what blogging is about, and then post a copy of their comments on the forum here.


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