Richard North, 04/01/2006  

I thought long and hard about whether we wanted another Boy King posting on this site, but the Simon Heffer article in the Telegraph this morning is really too good to miss, even if it also means I have to put up another photograph of the man.

Not least, I share Heffer's views when he writes of being expected by the Cameroons to "unload bile, venom and anger on Mr Cameron for his pronunciamiento in which, among other things, he talked of the need to 'stand up to big business'. Sorry, boys and girls, he writes. “I just can't be fagged… I'm bored by the sensation-seeking, turning-over-the-furniture, épater les bourgeois predictability of the new, Labour-lite Conservative Party. It's just so last year."

The most telling sentences, though, are where he points to the Boy King’s tactics: "You spot your enemy, in this case people who have backed the party through thick and thin over the past 25 years or so. You unveil, on an almost daily basis, new ideas completely at odds with what these people have always believed."

Heffer then concludes a long piece by saying that what Cameron needs most to worry about… is that when the electorate finally has its choice between a real social democratic party and a recent imitation of one, it will incline once more towards choosing the real thing rather than deciding to play with the replica.

But the Telegraph is not finished with the Boy King, Jeff Randall in the business section doing a very neat job deconstructing Cameron’s ideas on business.

He also debunks the idea that the Boy King has any business experience, telling us that Cameron wasn't a businessman as such. He was a boardroom lackey, writes Randall a combination of Michael Green's bag carrier and a company spokesman, at a time when Carlton was making a monkey of itself by trying to take on Rupert Murdoch's Sky with Ondigital.

That has not stopped the Boy King delivering a speech on the NHS today, the like of which testifies that we are no longer dealing with a Conservative politician.

The word is that he is deliberately trying to provoke his “right wing” into retaliating, in order to have a Blair-like "Clause 4" dust-up with his party, the plan being to emerge victorious over the “unreconstructed dinosaurs”, demonstrating that the Party has indeed changed.

And where "Europe" stands in all this, heaven knows. But a Labour-lite Conservative Party under the leadership of the Boy King doesn't look like it's going anywhere.


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