Richard North, 06/01/2006  

This is the first and last word we will have on Charlie "who?" Kennedy and his merry band. What is highly significant, we feel, is the huge amount of attention being give by the British media to what is, if not trivial, of secondary importance – especially with Sharon so gravely ill.

Booker and I were discussing this earlier and we both noted that the Beeb's Nick Robinson was verging on orgasmic in his excitement over the issue. Now there is a political correspondent who really knows what is important – not Sharon or any such minor matters, or the £8 billion bill for our waste disposal, which will affect every household in the land, adding up to £300 to every council tax bill. Our Nick is in the big league.

My fellow blogger, who spoke to me from New Jersey this evening (and sends her greetings), tells me that, strangely, the Kennedy news hasn't gone down that big in the United Sates. It hasn't even appeared on Fox News. I wonder why.


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