Richard North, 03/02/2006  

According to the Financial Times, and many more, angry protests over newspaper cartoons of the prophet Mohammad continued to spread globally on Friday as Muslim leaders and politicians in Europe expressed mounting concern that the outrage could destabilise the multicultural continent. Meanwhile Mr Jack Straw today launched a fierce attack on the decision by some media to republish cartoons of the prophet Mohammed.

Says Mr Straw, republication of the Mohammed cartoons has been "insensitive", "disrespectful" and "wrong."

And the cartoon illustrated? Oh, just a little number dashed off for the Jordanian newspaper Ad-Dustur (October 19, 2003). It shows the classic Auschwitz view but, instead of Nazi emblems we have Israeli flags. The sign reads:"Gaza Strip or the Israeli Annihilation Camp" (Courtesy of Tom Gross).

Of course, that’s not insensitive, and how could it be disrespectful or wrong? It is just an expression of free speech.


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