Richard North, 05/02/2006  

While British newspapers have not found it possible to publish the cartoons, though they have all pontificated at length, Le Monde has added one of its own and very clever it is, too.

It is interesting that outside certain Middle Eastern cities - Beirut, Damascus and Gaza City - there were demonstrations (not very big ones) in Pakistan, Indonesia and Britain. London saw two and these were bigger than the ones in the non-Middle Eastern countries.

This is particularly odd as Britain is one of the few European countries where the cartoons have not been published and the politicians have been making abominably craven statements. Is there a connection there? And are we going to see a vastly increased BNP vote in the forthcoming local elections as the direct outcome of what has been going on?

Meanwhile, for those who still believe that the Prophet's face must not be pictured, here is a link to a whole series of paintings throughout history that .... errm ... did just that. Not very many hearts seem to have been broken in all that time.

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