Richard North, 18/02/2006  

For over a week now, some forum members have had difficulty in accessing the forum and some have been excluded completely.

We have established that the fault lies not with the forum itself but with an upstream routing server, which is excluding certain ISPs from some providers. We are attempting to sort this out but, in the meantime, one of our readers has offered a solution, which has worked for him as an NTL user. This is as follows:

On the internet home page (Internet Explorer), go to "tools", then click on "internet options", then "Connections". At the bottom is a LAN settings piece, click on the small box where it says "use proxy server........". In the address box put "" and then in the port box "8080". Click on OK until back to home page.
One other previously excluded member has managed to access the forum by using the website, and using the address bar provided by that system.

Either way, if you are finding difficulty getting on, we hope that one or other of these "fixes" will work. We will keep you informed as to developments.


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Brexit - the first year - New e-book by Richard North
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