Richard North, 05/05/2006  

The commission would not approveThere they are trying to foster their "cuddly", consumer-friendly image, telling us that sunscreen manufacturers are misleading consumers with confusing labels and products.

Not only that, the commission is rushing to the rescue, saying it will table new rules on the marketing of the products. It will require makers to use better labels and get rid of words such as "sunblocker", which, it says, give a false impression of total protection from the sun's harmful rays.

And nobody – in Britain, at least - is taking a blind bit of notice. You'll have to take my word for this, but I'm pretty sure the newspapers are not holding their front pages – even if the subject offers some tremendous picture opportunities (see above).

The main story in the "heavies" is speculation on a snap reshuffle if the election goes badly, although they cannot provide any results yet. Nor, at the time of writing, had enough results had come through over the wires to make an intelligent guess of the overall situation.

However, the impression is that NuLab has not done quite as badly as might have been predicted and the Conservatives have done well but have not achieved a "breakthrough", achieving a five percent swing. Not have they done especially well outside their heartlands. The Lib-Dims, have also made gains but, overall, they are unspectacular. As expected, though, the emerging story of the night is the BNP, which has done well, if not better than it expected.

The "big picture" is not going to be evident until the London seats are declared, but the early results show that the BNP is storming in which a substantial number of seats in Barking.

For the nerds and masochists, Tory Diary is staying up all night to follow the action. This blogger is going to bed.


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