Richard North, 28/05/2006  

A period of reflectionI could not face writing another post about the self-obsessed navel-gazing (tautology, I know) in which the foreign ministers of the EU member states are indulging in Austria.

It comes to a pretty pass, though, when German foreign minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, claims that the EU is facing its "deepest crisis". Compare and contrast the petty little obsessions of the "colleagues" with what is going on off the coast of West Africa – and in many other places - and one can only suggest that it is time they "got a life".

Anyhow, the upshot is that they are going to have another year of "reflections", so we have offered our own, for them to be getting on with (pictured).

Not that Steinmeier needs to worry all that much. When it comes to defence integration, things are plodding on quite nicely (from the point of view of the "colleagues"). I will leave you with a link from today's copy of The Business, which sums up the state of play. You might recognise the author.



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